Empty Nest Syndrome


Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty nest syndrome, ENS is the grief that many parents feel when their children move out. While it isn't a clinical diagnosis yet, it is a common phenomenon in which parents experience sadness, loneliness and eventually they come to the conclusion it is time to reconsider the family home in favor of something more manageable.

This is often called the transition phase for empty nesters, and it can be the most difficult stage to face for so many of us. It means  letting go of the home your children were raised in. It also means deciding how much space you will need as you move forward, and that often means downsizing and letting go of many of the treasures you have accumulated.

It can be daunting.

Luckily, there are professionals available to you that can smooth that transition for you!

The first step is to methodically eliminate those items that are easily disposed of. That is where you can begin this journey with our haul away and responsible disposal services.

Once that is completed, we can take the time with you to make those difficult decisions, third-grade art projects or the board games they still play once a year. It is a tough choice!!!

Sometimes it involves handing down some of your memorabilia to other family members, sometimes it involves outside storage. All of these decisions are something we can assist with.

We can also provide assistance with responsible haul-away services through our Hemmin & Hauling division. Our team of professionals can take away your discards, to donate, or dispose of. And when it is time for the move we can handle that for you as well. Senior moves are our specialty!

Once this is complete, your home will be ready for sale, and if you haven’t already, time to look for your new home based on what you now have to carry forward into your new space.

We partner with many Realtors who could fit your specific needs once we assess them, and many of these Realtors are sensitive to the Empty Nester's specific needs.

Once your Realtor has worked their magic in finding that perfect space for you, it is time for the final phase. Making it work! that's' where our crew will unbox everything, and under your guidance, make it fit into your new home. 

During this really fun part of christening your new home meant only for you, and the kids to visit, we will assist you in preparing the perfect space based on everything we have learned about you and your family to-date.

If there are adjustments needed to your reduced possessions versus what we still have to put away for you , we are equipped, and prepared to go back to the storage vs. disposal alternatives. 

The point is, we are here for you at every step in this major transition in your life.

If you have any questions, or I can assist you in getting your home or office better organized, feel free to contact me below!

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