Moving in Sonoma County? Get organized first!

Are you moving in Sonoma County, Marin County or Napa County?

Let us help you make your move stress-free so you can look forward to getting to your new home.

With the housing market booming like it is, there are a lot of people facing the dreaded process of packing up their household! The task is daunting for even the most organized people.  

That’s where we can help you, in two ways. First,  we can help you declutter and remove unwanted possessions to help expedite (and reduce the cost) of boxing and packing. This is the perfect time to lighten your load.

Second, we can go with you to the new home and help you to set up the space in a practical, sensible and appealing way. We’ll plan out your entire home and prepare it for the movers to unload your things. You’ll be amazed how your stress level will drop when you can find every thing from the onset…

We will help you make the most out of your new space, whether your moving to a larger or smaller place.  Our goal is to make you say a relaxing “aaah” when you get home. Contact Me