Write a tip for the Redfin Blog, me?

Photo of a clean and organized bathroom

Write a tip for the Redfin Blog, me?

I'm sure you're aware, Redfin has a growing presence in the Real Estate Market.

So, I was honored that they chose me out of a large list of organizers to contribute to a blog they were writing. 

Here's the topic they requested.

"A unique, 2-3 sentence tip for decluttering a bathroom - think clutter hotspots that are often neglected, common mistakes, unique decluttering hacks, and so on."

Ok, the challenge is 2-3 sentences. This could easily be at least a 1-page topic for me!

Here's what I submitted:

Have separate drawers or bins for different categories of items. 

Keep all your hair products in one, all your dental products in another, makeup in another, and so on. It will be easier to find what you have and see if you are running low on anything so you can stock up again. You can also put a little sticker with the purchase date on makeup so you can track how old it is. Whether you wear makeup daily, monthly, or only on special occasions, it can still form bacteria if it’s been open.


If you are already organized, maybe you are doing these things already.  If not, please try out these suggestions.

You can read the entire article here

I really was thrilled to have been chosen along with fifteen others to share tips on one topic of how to declutter your home, room by room.

I think the article turned out well and that all of the tips collected were excellent ideas, so check it out!


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