Donna Declutter Reviews

Donna Declutter Reviews

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Miro V. Sebastopol, CA

We had just moved in and the thought of tackling the mountain of unorganized boxes in our garage was overwhelming. Donna and her team were an immense help and we will likely contact her again when ready to organize inside the home as well!  

Indra M. Windsor, CA

Donna definitely knows her business!! What I especially appreciate is she knows what is donate-able, what can be recycled, and what is just trash. This way much less ends up in the landfill and I like that. Her helper April is a pleasure to have around. She is very detail-oriented so this team compliments each other very well. I am preparing my house to be put on the market and then to move. So going they a home that has been lived in for over 20 years is daunting, to say the least. She has kept me calm and on focus the entire time.


There is no way I could have tackled this myself. We have broken it down into smaller areas and gone thru bit by bit. They take away all the donations at the end of each day so that is GONE and not piling up anywhere. I had tried another organizer initially and found her to be extremely overpriced. She didn't take the time to let me go thru things to decide what needed to be tossed.


So many things I did not need in my office, we're just put back in a different way. I know I have things in there that I need to go back through and toss which just makes me angry to think about, after the exorbitant price I paid her!! Not so with Donna. Her price is fair and she is thorough. I can not say enough good!!  

Linda K

We were so thrilled with the job you and your staff did with our garage. It really gave us a boost- we cannot thank you enough. I am loving the fact that my car is in the garage, and Pat could put his in there also if he chose. It has been a huge weight lifted off our shoulders!  We can never thank you enough, and will certainly recommend your services to friends. It was definitely the kickstart we needed"


"I have hired Donna several times to help me pack up to move from my home of 30 years. I hate packing! She was very patient with me and had great ideas. She even loaded her car up with items I decided to donate. Plus she took pictures of items I decided to sell on craigslist. She packed dishes, helped go through my garage, went through my paperwork, etc.  I am a single guy so having her help was freaking huge! I will hire her again if I need her."


"Donna not only helped us clear out my parents' home in record time, she brought a sense of calm with her every time she showed up. We were faced with a big job to do in very little time while keeping our day jobs, and Donna was a godsend. So many big and little tasks were taken off our hands, and at the same time, we enjoyed her presence and company--and also managed to have some fun! We can't recommend her more highly."


"I had the great pleasure of working with Donna for the first time yesterday and it was wonderful! She is a calm, respectfully guiding, pleasant, and experienced presence in the face of home disorganization, and in 3 hours my life was greatly enhanced because of her expertise, effort, and work in my home.  I found it hard to hire someone to assist me with tasks I know I could probably do - but the truth is - will never have time for.  I had to face the music that my life was not functioning as it should and I was being drained by not being organized in key areas of my new home. The work could be done better and more efficiently by an expert and I needed help. My only regret is that I waited so long to 'gift' myself this investment. Do yourself a favor and hire this woman; I highly recommend her services; it is a well-placed investment in your sanity, home, and organizational well-being!"


"Donna has a very effective approach to the task at hand. Realizing that this process can cause angst in her clients, she does everything to allay their fears and adopts a leadership style that encourages cooperation and empathy. Before you realize it, you are applying a lot of the logic that she is suggesting in evaluating what to do with your "stuff". As a result, you accomplish much more than you thought possible.   I had a very positive experience with Donna's help."

Terriann, Realtor

"Donna, you inspired me to do the work that had burdened me and kept me stuck for several months and years. My closet hadn't been cleaned for at least 3 years and the gift cards you found were a bonus. They had been lost for at least 2 years. The boys’ room was a disaster, and they are so happy to be able to play in there again. Thank you so much."


"I didn’t see how I could move from 5,000 sq. ft. to 2,000 sq. ft. and still, keep my favorite possessions.  You are a rare find, my dear, and you have unknown talents. I am grateful to you!"

Mrs. Gross

"Thanks so much for giving me back my wardrobe and my closet space--both were in danger of disappearing! Seriously, it is so nice to reach for something to wear and find it clean and unrumpled--I'm very grateful and especially appreciate your managing to finish in a day and leave my already stuffed calendar some unexpected free time."

Diane Flood Taylor, Realtor

"I am so happy that you worked with my client.  He really needed your help and you made the house look as it should, as buyers want to see a house look today.  He had an acceptable offer within two days.  Thank you for doing a wonderful job and I hope to refer you all the time!!!"

Laurie Lynn

"After years of throwing anything and everything into the extra bedroom/office, I could no longer walk in there to get to the desk.  Donna Declutter came in and organized absolutely everything.  It's like my little sanctuary now instead of a big mess.  I love the renewed sense of calm in that space."

Ellie and Richard

"A few days before the movers were supposed to come, we were still paralyzed by indecision about what to keep and what to give up.  Donna Declutter's amazing team came in with their easy-going, tough love approach for packing and moving.  It took the stress away from leaving our old home and made unpacking much easier at our new home.  What a great service!"

Abbie Browning, Realtor

"My seller needed to get a much-cluttered home ready for an open house and didn't have time to tackle it.  We called Donna Declutter to help straighten up the closets and make the house "show ready" on short notice.  I would recommend their services to all my clients."


"I was thrilled with the ways you helped me get rid of my stuff, especially at how you found a buyer for my dining room table and helped organize the garage."


"Donna Declutter really helped save me!  I tend to hold on to too many knickknacks and have trouble arranging furniture and hanging pictures.  I always second-guess myself, have a hard time getting rid of things, and then give up on making changes out of frustration.

Donna calmly entered my apartment and I immediately felt very comfortable with her.  She has a calm personality and a very warm yet practical manner.  She methodically took a walk through and right away she came up with a few basic recommendations that made my home look so much better and more organized!

She later sent me a list of suggested tasks and a few long-term ideas to get me where I wanted to be; things like donating certain items, throwing away others, and ideas on how my furnishings should be arranged to avail more open space. I was hesitant at first since it's hard to change and hard to take someone's advice even though I asked for it, but I am so happy with Donna's work!

I have lived in my apartment for almost ten years and it has never been so organized, open, and inviting.  I have started to entertain more frequently and actually look forward to coming home every day. She has transformed my life!"


"Thank you! It was very nice to meet you. I'm very motivated now to get TONS more black bags OUT of here!!! My daughter and I will try to tackle the "H" room. Good lesson for both of us to never let this happen again. I know we'll enjoy that extra room lots :)"


"I don't think I could have done as well with organizing my closets without you. Having an outside person tackle my daughter’s room made the rest manageable."