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Personal Organizer

We start with a complimentary phone consultation to discuss the project you have in mind.  Either we set up an on-site appointment or you send us some pictures so we can assess the situation better.  At that point, there will probably be some more discussion and we set up an appointment to get started.  Sessions can run from 3-6 hours, depending on circumstances.


Our Home Organization Services and How They Work

Home organization

Donna Declutter’s professional organizing services include home organizing, whether it’s your garage, kitchen, closets, home office or the entire home.

Once we clear away the clutter, we’ll set up systems to help you stay organized. It's easy to use so you know where to look for things, where to store things and when to let go.

We’ll even cart away a car’s worth of stuff for donations after every visit and provide you with a receipt for tax deduction.

Different Ways We Can Work with You

As a Santa Rosa organizer, we customize our services to help you organize your home in the way that works best for you. Below are several options to choose from.

Sorting it Out

We can work with you to sort through the piles. whether it’s too many clothes, papers, years of accumulation of stuff, we can help you make decisions about what to keep, discard, or organize so you can find it when you want it.

DIY Plan

If you want a do-it-yourself (DIY) plan, we can use our expertise to design a plan of action to get you started. Then you take it from there, using our support only when and if you need it.

Personal Assistant

If you are too busy to do it yourself but need to get it done, we can begin with a consultation. We find out from you what we need to know so we can act as a personal assistant, do the work and just ask questions here and there to keep the process going.

If you need help with rearranging your space, putting in custom closets or shelving, we know how to get it done.  Our goal is to remove the stress and have you say “aaaahhhh” when you walk into your home!

"Seriously, it is so nice to reach for something to wear and find it clean and unrumpled. I’m very grateful and especially appreciate your managing to finish in a day and leave my already stuffed calendar some unexpected free time.”


–Mrs. Gross


Wine Cellar Management

Wine Organizer




Keeping track of your treasured wines can be tricky. When is the best time to drink that bottle? 

We work with wine pros to properly determine the right "drink by" date. It's no fun to open a bottle and find it's "over the hill."

It can be frustrating to not be able to find that special bottle you wanted to serve tonight. We can help you keep track of every bottle's location in your cellar.





Donna Declutter is your personal organizing professional. Our dedication to keeping an orderly home helps us help you with your wine collection as well. 

We will provide you with your choice of an electronic inventory,  paper inventory, or simply clearly marked tags to identify the important information on every bottle you collect.

It's not uncommon for even modest collections to reach a value in the thousands of dollars, so isn't it worth it to ensure you receive the maximum enjoyment from every bottle?

Contact us for your free consultation on how we can protect this part of your wine country lifestyle!

Office Organization Services: Transforming Your Workspace

Office Organization

Professional organizing by Donna Declutter can help you create a well-organized office to help make you less stressed, more efficient and more productive.

We develop a customized practical organization system that is easy to implement plus storage solutions for papers and supplies.

Whether you have a home office, a company cubicle or executive offices, it’s important to create a comfortable space that allows you to focus on the work and have more control over your work environment.

Member of

Office Organization Systems

Our professional organizing services include systems for:

  • Paper sorting/discarding/filing systems
  • Electronic filing and document management
  • Paper and email management
  • Action items
  • Supplies and inventory management

Now the Office is Like a Sanctuary

“After years of throwing anything and everything into the extra bedroom/office, I could no longer walk in there to get to the desk.Donna Declutter came in and organized absolutely everything.

It’s like my little sanctuary now instead of a big mess. I love the renewed sense of calm in that space.”
–Laurie Lynn

Professional Organizing for Senior Downsizing and Senior Moves

Senior Move Manager

To transition elderly parents into a retirement community, nursing home, or even into their children’s own homes or to experience the death of a loved one can all be emotionally draining and overwhelming.

Donna Declutter can help!

Reduce Your Stress

Whether downsizing into a retirement home, senior living facility, nursing home, hospice or clearing out the family home following a death, we have the experience and caring professionals to manage the details, including:


  • Working with the family to create a plan for the move or sale of the home
  • Inventory of belongings and vital records
  • Help with disbursing heirlooms to family members
  • Unpacking and organizing new space
  • Overseeing the sale of property, work with the realtor, moving company, estate sale, general cleanout, donations of valuables as chosen by the family


"A few days before the movers were supposed to come, we were still paralyzed by indecision about what to keep and what to give up. Donna Declutter's amazing team came in with their easy-going, tough love approach for packing and moving.

It took the stress away from leaving our old home and made unpacking much easier at our new home.  What a great service!"

--Ellie and Richard[

Moving and Real Estate Staging Services

Home Organizer Santa Rosa

Planning on moving and need real estate staging? Moving can be pretty chaotic. Donna Declutter can assist you from beginning to end with services to make your life easier when you most need the help.

Once you know that you are moving, whether you need to stage the house for listing or want help preparing for your stager, we can help.


Member of

Plan Well, Execute Even Better

Our services including preparing you for the move, packing, unpacking and getting settled into the new place. With Donna Declutter on your team, you enjoy an organized, stress-free situation!

Services that Help with Your Move

Here are some of the ways we support you in moving:

  • We can liaise with you and the moving company
  • Supervise the moving company on moving day
  • Label boxes and inventory items
  • Unpack and organize your new home in the most practical way
  • Assist with decorating your new home
  • Clean up and Remove packing materials
  • Coordinate allocation of belongings to any distant family
  • Dispose of unwanted items to donate or other removals

"I am so happy that you worked with my client. He really needed your help and you made the house look as it should, as buyers want to see a house look today.  He had an acceptable offer within two days.

Thank you for doing a wonderful job, and I hope to refer you all the time!"

--Diane Flood Taylor, Realtor

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How We Charge

Professional Organizer rates

Every client has different needs and specifications for their project so we customize our organizing services to match - there's not really a one-size-fits-all formula. 

Pricing is based on the number of staff needed and how many hours it takes to reach your goals.  We work efficiently and cost-effectively with a practical, sensible yet gentle approach to getting organized.  It all starts with a free phone consultation.