Donna Declutter's preferred,

Organizing Resources

Organizing Resources

This is a list of companies that I've learned to trust and rely on. They all provide excellent service, fair pricing, and high-quality results! I don't hesitate for a moment recommending them to all my clients. I work with them throughout your project's completion and work well with them to ensure your satisfaction!

Not sure if your treasures are worth having an estate sale or just want to sell a few items?  Give Green + Cate a call.

Donna's other favorite go-to estate liquidators are Tate Estate Sales.  They do a great job of merchandising and marketing for on-site
estate sales.

The guys at Winners 2000 know how to clean EVERYTHING!! No matter what caused the stain. Reliable service at reasonable rates.

Order Out Of Chaos has award-winning products, webinars, and information for helping your students to succeed, especially if they have learning challenges.

Hemmin' and Hauling is more than a junk removal and donation drop-off service. Land-fill is the last possible option with every truckload.

They try to dispose of your stuff in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. Great rates and service. Local moving services are available too.

If you’re planning to sell your home, keeping it clean, organized, and decluttered will help during the selling process. The goal is to leave buyers feeling wowed and to create a space where potential buyers can imagine themselves living.

Downsizing For Retirement: A Step-by-Step Guide

Downsizing for retirement takes planning, hard work and time. It involves organizing your current home, donating unwanted items, putting your house up for sale and moving to a new location. Some people hire experts to help, while others rely on friends and family for support.