Time to stop procrastinating and let go

If you have been waiting for Spring to arrive to do your spring cleaning, the time has come!

Throw open the windows, the closet doors, the garage door…let the fresh air in and start purging the old winter stuff that you saved from the previous winter, and the one before that if it’s taking up valuable real estate in your storage areas.

While you are dusting off the old summer stuff, you can donate or discard the things you didn’t use from the previous few summers.  You get the idea!  The less stuff you have, the less distractions from the things you really want to focus on. Sometimes letting go is freeing, emotionally and physically. 

Don’t feel guilty about how much money you paid for something you never got around to using or received from an old relative who has passed away.  Take a picture and pass it on to someone who might put it to use. 

If you really want to start that hobby or use that equipment, put time on your weekly calendar to make sure you remember to do it.  

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