10 Easy Steps for an Organized Cupboard

Your next meal is hiding in your pantry… Tips to Get Your Pantry in Order   Here are 10 easy steps to find out what ingredients for several delicious meals are already hiding in your kitchen, and finding items to donate to a Holiday Food Drive while you are at it.   Set aside 40…

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Time to stop procrastinating and let go

If you have been waiting for Spring to arrive to do your spring cleaning, the time has come! Throw open the windows, the closet doors, the garage door…let the fresh air in and start purging the old winter stuff that you saved from the previous winter, and the one before that if it’s taking up valuable…

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Get your Drawers organized by a professional

Drawers Organized

Are your drawers and cabinets getting a little out of control? Get them organized! Consider giving a gift certificate for Valentine’s day! You’ll still need the flowers and chocolate, but it shows you are listening when your loved one talks about needing help with getting organized. Are you constantly searching for things in your drawers and cabinets?  Remember…

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Moving in Sonoma County? Get organized first!

Moving in Sonoma County

Are you moving in Sonoma County, Marin County or Napa County? Let us help you make your move stress-free so you can look forward to getting to your new home. With the housing market booming like it is, there are a lot of people facing the dreaded process of packing up their household! The task…

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