Your next meal is hiding in your pantry…

Tips to Get Your Pantry in Order


Here are 10 easy steps to find out what ingredients for several delicious meals are already hiding in your kitchen, and finding items to donate to a Holiday Food Drive while you are at it.


  1. Set aside 40 minutes to an hour, depending on how many shelves/cabinets you plan to attack.
  2. Put on some music that makes you want to dance (or at least hum along).
  3. Pull out EVERYTHING on the shelves in one section.
  4. Wipe the shelves clean.
  5. Sort the items into categories, i.e., soups, sauces, condiments, cereals, etc.
  6. Check everything for expiration dates. Get rid of expired stuff. Be sure to have a bag for items to donate to the Coats & Cans Drive!
  7. Now put items back, grouping like items with like items. You will be able to see how many different spaghetti sauces you have, or how many bottles of salad dressing.
  8. If your cabinets are deep, consider getting some long bins (be sure to measure your cabinets before purchasing).  You can pull out the bin to find what you need instead of having to push your way to the back of the shelf to find that lost can of beans.
  9. If it will help you to label bins or shelves, do it! One shelf for baking ingredients, one for grains and seeds…whatever categories work for you.
  10. Stick a shopping list on the inside of the cabinet so when you run out of something, you can make a note for your next shopping trip. 


You will save time and money by knowing what you already have and where to find it.  We love to help organize cabinets and closets!  If you need help getting organized or have any questions, please write to or call 917-623-6529.


Bon Appetit!


Donna Roses,


AKA Donna Declutter is a local home and office organizer based in Santa Rosa, CA.  She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, the North Bay Realtors Association and The Sonoma County Section on Aging.